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Aravah quintet

Old Oak Stories (2010)

The band Aravah Quintet started its journey in spring 2006, when the two bandleaders Boris Mogilevski (Israel) and Ulas Aksunger (Germany/Turkey) met during their studies at the Conservatory of Rotterdam “Codarts” where Boris studied jazz guitar and Ulas latin percussion.


After a couple of fruitful musical sessions with hummus, pita and cay the foundation of their first band named Noahs Ark, (now a name of one of their compositions) was laid down. After going through changes in instrumentation and arrangements the band came to find their characteristic sound in their current formation as a quintet, with Jasper van Damme on Soprano sax, Eleonora Roussou on flutes and Jeroen Vierdag on bass.


The band plays original music that can be defined as a fusion of jazz improvisation, Middle Eastern flavors and rock moments. 


Changing different instruments brings upon different colors and moods in their music and leads to interesting textures; combination of flute (E.Roussou) and soprano saxophone (J.v. Damme) makes a strong impact on the listener. 


Ulas plays a set up of percussion and drums, which creates a high range of dynamics, multi-layered grooves and sounds. Boris changes between the acoustic guitar and the Ud. In combination with his effect pedals he holds a treasure of surprising sounds, besides his strong accompaniment and solo playing. Jeroen’s electric and double bass playing is the Anker point of the band. Strong melodies and explosive improvisational moments are reflecting the unique character of the band.

All songs composed and arranged by Boris Mogilevski, (except "Meze Sofrasi" composed by Ulas and Boris Mogilevski)

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