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Hey everyone! 


After receiving so many lovely reviews about the first workshop I would like to celebrate the

beginning of the next year with my lovely ukulele community.

So I am excited to invite you all to the first Fingerstyle Ukulele workshop

of the new year which begins in January! 

Fingerstyle ukulele

5 workshops seminar for groups


What will you learn?    


- You will learn the very essential technique behind fingerstyle ukulele playing! 

- You will learn to play some awesome fingerstyle arrangements from my latest ukulele book (which you will get for FREE if you sign up to the workshop)

  - I will teach you how to arrange/ make correct fingering choices for your left and right hand when learning new songs. 

- We will be working on your technique and be doing exercises which will bring your fingerstyle playing to another level! 

- We will be doing fun musical games which will help you develop your musicality. 

 - By the end of the course you’ll be able to play minimum 2 full awesome ukulele arrangements in chord+melody with correct technique in both hands! 

- The final part of the workshop will be a video presentation which will include a release of a video where we all play a song together, (Participation is not obligatory). 


Who can participate? 

Anyone who has been practicing the ukulele for more than 4 months and can

play a few basic chords with a few basic fingerpicking patterns. 


How many lessons will you have?

A series of 5 zoom workshops of 1 hour each.


How many participants in a group?

15 minimum / maximum 20



The lessons will be on Zoom. 

I will send the link to the meeting after everything is organized. 



The workshop will start in January. Exact dates will be selected after you fill in your availability so please fill in your availability in the link below (Scroll down). 

Important - I'm trying to do my best to find times/ dates which will guarantee your participation. Therefore, I am asking you to kindly fill in as many dates as possible. 



50 Euro p.p = total of 5 workshops. (PayPal / Revolut).

Payments will be done after I put the schedule together (You will receive another email about it after the dates will be selected).


What if you can not attend a lesson?


After every class a video recording of the lesson will be sent to all the participants. This way you shouldn’t worry about missing any information. This will also allow everyone to remember all the details which were discussed during the class.


What do you need to have for the lessons?

I will provide you with all the sheet music, written exercises. Everything will be sent to you in advance before each class.

Any type of you uke is welcome (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone).


Do you want to enroll?

If you are interested in participating please take the two following steps:


  •  Fill in the contact from on my website where you write your name and email.

  •  Fill in your availability in the link below. 


Kindly fill in your availability before the 28th of December in the link below -


(Based on availabity, dates and times will be picked shortly after the 28th of December, 

so if you want to guarantee your spots make sure to fill it soon.)


I wish you all a joyful Christmas with your family and stay safe! 🎅





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