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Boris Mogilevski was born in Russia in 1986 and when he turned 5 his family moved to Israel. His musical journey began at the early age of 8 while his sister Ira was studying Jazz piano at the Conservatory in Jerusalem and brought home different Jazz records and cassettes of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald and Keith Jarrett. 

During primary school Boris started to develop a passion for popular music and began listening to Michael Jackson, Prince, Led Zeppelin and Guns n' Roses, who were some of the biggest inspirations of his teen years. 

Heavily influenced by rock idols such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Slash, Boris started playing guitar at the age of 12. He took guitar lessons from some of the leading guitarists in Israel such as Ofer Ganor and Steve Peskoff and participated in seminars at the prestigious music school "Rimon'' in Ramat Hasharon in Israel. 

Boris started composing music as soon as he knew a few basic chords. There was no stopping him! His parents say:

''At 14 Boris already dreamed of becoming a professional musician. He spent hours in his room playing along with his favorite records, while most of the kids were playing soccer outside. Boris always wanted to rebuild and reconstruct the music he heard in the way he wanted it to sound. He was continuously trying to find new and interesting chords, rhythms and melodies. At a young age he was already trying to find his own sound in music".


Innovation and personalization soon became his biggest passion in music and an important tool for self expression.

This passion led him to explore new musical genres such as world music, Jazz and Rock which enriched his musical vocabulary and had a great influence on his composition and playing skills. During this period of musical exploration, Boris learned and experimented with new instruments such as the Bass, Ukulele, Double Bass, Percussion, Drums and the Oud (traditional Middle Eastern instrument). 

While studying in Rotterdam Boris received the 'Royal Huygens scholarship for extraordinary talent' from the Netherlands in 2008. Boris graduated Cum Laude with a Masters degree from the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) in 2011. During his studies he had lessons from some of the finest Dutch and international musicians such as Ed Verhoeff, Nelson Veras, Heyn van de Gein, John Abercrombie, Barry Harris, Ronald Schmitz, Jeroen Vierdag and many others. 

In 2005 Boris formed his own band and released two albums of his own music where he played guitar as well as other instruments. 'Old oak stories' (2011) and 'The way rivers flow' (2015) took him on several world tours and gave him the opportunity to work with acclaimed musicians from many different countries. 

Boris has performed his music in many countries and prestigious venues such as - Casa del Jazz Rome, North Sea Round Town festival, Dunya world music festival in Rotterdam, Trier Jazz club in Germany, Beijing (China), Auckland (New Zealand), Budapest Mupa Theater, Lantaren Venster Rotterdam, Istanbul Zorlu center, Eskisehir (Turkey) Atatürk Konser ve Kongre Merkezi, De Doelen Rotterdam, and many others.

Boris has played with numerous international bands project and artists such as - SayNo, Aravah quintet, Sabrina Starke, Hipnotik Orchestra, Tom Beek, Jeroen Vierdag, Karsu Donmez and Izaline Calister. 

Boris began to share his knowledge with others early on by giving masterclasses, private classes and seminars worldwide.

He is currently giving masterclasses and lessons on a weekly basis for Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele at the cultural center at the TU Delft in the Netherlands which is one of the largest and most prestigious technical universities in the world. 

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