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Embark on a Magical Ukulele Safari in Kenya: An Unforgettable Musical Adventure!  Next departure date 12 November 2023! 

Number of spots is limited to 10 people! Don't miss your chance! 

10 Day Musical Safari with Boris Mogilevski in Kenya! 


I believe in the unity of nature and culture through music.

Music is a universal language, understood in every part of the world. Playing it together is an uplifting and uniting experience, and to us – the perfect complement to your trip.


So if you love nature, animals and music this is the perfect trip for you!


During our trip in Kenya, we will write a musical journal together!

What does it mean?

At the end of every day, we will gather together to play songs. These songs will be composed by you, based on the experiences and impressions of your day, and instructed by professional ukulele teacher and Kala Brand Ambassador Boris Mogilevski.

The music we create will be recorded on video and sent to each and everyone at the end of the trip in the form of a digital musical journal.


Full itinerary, price & tickets:


⏺  Dates: (10 days)

18 - 25 November 2023. 


⏺ Location: 



⏺ Organisers:  

Michela Consiglio - Experienced guide in Kenya since 2007 and working in the Safari industry since then. I want to share with the world the beauty of Kenya and the magic of the Ukulele, putting together 2 of my biggest passions, wildlife and music!


Boris Mogilevski - I will be your ukulele & music instructor during this trip. 


Questions and inquiries:

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